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Recognizing Black Inventions and Innovations

Our Project

Too often in history, the inventions and innovations of Black people are not recognized. So I, Dr. Carolyn Ransom- Scott, along with the San Francisco Public Library & Citizen Film, am creating a documentary to shed light on the contributions to science, technology, arts and culture that Black people have made over the last century.

Our Inspiration

"If you see something, say something and do something."

- John Robert Lewis

Dr. Carolyn Ransom-Scott was inspired by the quote from the Late John Robert Lewis, "if you see something, say something and do something." She believed it was her duty to bring to light the underacknowledged Black inventors and innovators that have made immense contributions to the world, so she created a series of bookmarks that showcase these individuals from throughout the last couple of centuries. Now, she is in the process of producing a documentary that continues to educate and inspire the minds of this generation about Black Excellence!

Our bookmarks

Here's a preview of some visuals on bookmarks.


Our mission is to empower a new generation of inventors, raise awareness, and inspire hope through education about the contributions to the world around us made by Black African Americans innovators and inventors advancing science, technology, and social life. 

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